Ericka Ellis


How Did I Get here?

Let's be honest, I wasn't always a "Fire Starter."  I was not always the girl who was fearless, confident and on fire for her purpose. 
In fact, I was the complete opposite.
Insecure. Self-critical. Inferior. Perfectionist. 
I spent more time sitting on my hands than working them because I was so distracted by my insecurities, fear of failure and perfectionism rather than stewarding the gifts God had given me. Friends were accomplishing goals, one after another, and while I was happy for them, I was on my couch, frustrated yet justifying my complacency with empty excuses. I kept looking for a quick solution to circumvent the process so I could avoid addressing and correcting the real problem. However, a time came when I could no longer drown out purpose with the chatter of my excuses. My comfort zone had become increasingly uncomfortable and the smile I wore started to fade. The dissatisfaction with life had manifested in my interactions with people and most importantly, with myself.



When I got to the end of my will, my tantrums and my self-pity, I was finally at a place where God could really have His way with me. It was a journey where God would simultaneously convict me and comfort me in His love and promises. He revealed the root of my inconsistency which led to my own personal SPARK experience. God birthed my latest book, “SPARK: A Blueprint to Reignite Purpose” and my comprehensive SPARK Method through trial and sometimes error but always from His presence.  Friend, I came to understand the fire can’t come without this spiritual experience and I’ll be honest, it is not an easy feat. God had to reveal the root of my inferiority, self-criticism, and perfectionism before I could jump into this thing we call, ‘purpose.’ Because the truth is, purpose is insignificant if God didn’t call you to it or prepare you for it. And here I am, many years later, thankful for my pruning experience because I am able to genuinely connect with other women who have a longing to fulfill God’s dream for their lives but have lost their sense of faith, identity and purpose. Since my SPARK experience, I've gained an unwavering confidence, courage and consistency that not only impacts my life but my peers and the youth I proudly serve.


Since my SPARK experience, I've blazed a trail as a known, "Fire Starter," across the country, empowering women and underserved youth to create the life they dream of by reigniting them back to their identity and purpose. Through my personal struggles and childhood trauma, I am one example of how no past is too difficult to recover from and can gain victory over.

Friend, I was just like you.

No, I am you.

I've been hurt. Overlooked. Rejected. Felt like I wasn't good enough. But none of that matters when God has called you to something greater! Though my experiences hurt, I rejoice because of the lessons, the growth, and the power I now have! I want the same for you! Fear, insecurity and complacency have no place in your life. It's time to get your SPARK back. 

I've seen how it has enriched my life and I want the same for you. If you want to be the absolute best version of YOU, it starts with a SPARK.

Ericka has penned two transformational books helping women break free from emotional baggage by instilling hope and encouraging resilience through her heartbreaking story to her newfound freedom and personal success. Ericka is deeply passionate about helping women live out God's dream for their lives and through her 2nd book, "SPARK: A Blueprint to Reignite Purpose," she equips women with a practical blueprint and strategy to overcome reoccurring pitfalls that impede on their purpose and personal goals.



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