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Ericka Ellis


How Did I Get here?

It was in my early 20's when I settled on the idea that I was nothing but 'damaged goods.' Being a product of a mother with a severe crack addiction and mental illness and an absent father was the start of my self-limiting mindset. Not to mention my own self-destruction. College dropout. Divorced. Depression. Domestic violence. Childhood trauma. Foster care. The list goes on. For years, I allowed those experiences to define me instead of allowing it be what it truly was: disappointing events in my life. I measured my self-worth by my mistakes. I stifled my growth with my self-doubt. I ignored my potential due to extremely low self-esteem. 

I was full of excuses as I ran from my calling but my excuses never excused me from doing what God called me to do. In fact, the more I ran, the more discontented I felt within myself and in my life. At some point, enough was enough, and I was determined to do more and be more. Now, I am a Graduate of Purdue University, in a healthy and healthy marriage of 15 years and counting, with a thriving coaching practice. I literally turned my pain into my purpose. But, that came with doing the hard, inner work. 

What makes me qualified to coach you? Because I've experienced every low you can imagine and overcame them all. I will empower you to see your situation, past pain, disappointment or current circumstances as an opportunity to believe for greater! It all starts in the mind. Your mind is unbelievably powerful and will determine the course of your life--however beautiful or tragic as you anticipate. 

Maybe you are where I once was: insecure, fearful, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled. If you're stuck in a mental dead-end, believing life has nothing more to offer than heartbreak and headaches, then you are in the right place. You can't go another day allowing your dreams to fade, confidence to vanish and hope to completely dissolved. This isn't a sign, this is confirmation. Connect with me so we can do some HEART work so you can get to work!

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About: Welcome

Since my SPARK experience, I've blazed a trail as a known, "Fire Starter," across the country, empowering women and underserved youth to create the life they dream of by reigniting them back to their identity and purpose. Through my personal struggles and childhood trauma, I am one example of how no past is too difficult to recover from and can gain victory over.

Friend, I was just like you.

No, I am you.

I've been hurt. Overlooked. Rejected. Felt like I wasn't good enough. But none of that matters when God has called you to something greater! Though my experiences hurt, I rejoice because of the lessons, the growth, and the power I now have! I want the same for you! Fear, insecurity and complacency have no place in your life. It's time to get your SPARK back. 

I've seen how it has enriched my life and I want the same for you. If you want to be the absolute best version of YOU, it starts with a SPARK.

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Ericka Ellis


Ericka has penned two transformational books helping women break free from emotional baggage by instilling hope and encouraging resilience through her heartbreaking story to her newfound freedom and personal success. Ericka is deeply passionate about helping women live out God's dream for their lives and through her 2nd book, "SPARK: A Blueprint to Reignite Purpose," she equips women with a practical blueprint and strategy to overcome reoccurring pitfalls that impede on their purpose and personal goals.

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