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Customized programs to reignite you back to your God-given identity, purpose and faith



Faith embodies more than a belief but a deep connection to the Lord and a zeal in our pursuits. Often times, we allow life to disrupt our relationship with the Lord because we get distracted by life's circumstances. A disconnect from God will indeed disconnect you from purpose, faith and your identity. Let's talk today to get a strategy in place that will not only renew your faith but strengthen your relationship with the Lord and yourself.


You feel a fire burning inside of you but don't know how to work it out in your life? Unsure of what you are good at or what you are 'supposed' to do? NOW is the time to live a life of purpose ON purpose! Your spiritual gifts are waiting to be used for the glory of God. He has gifted you according to how He created you. We often overlook our natural gifts because we believe it's supposed to be 'bigger.' We will look intently into your gifts, passions, and intereand develop a strategy to put it into action!


Are you battling insecurities that interfere with you moving forward with your dreams and goals? When we lack a secure identity, we allow our doubt, limitations and shortcomings to prevent us from being bold in our pursuits which leads to an unfulfilled and complacent life. It's important to know who you are so you can do what you are called to do! If you see yourself anything less than whole, capable and chosen, book a discovery call with Ericka today!

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