Ericka Ellis 
"The Fire Starter"

Changing the mindset of women to live in truth as they pursue their goals and dreams with an unstoppable fire. 

Ericka Ellis

Fire Starter

As a woman, I understand the many hats we wear but what happens when those responsibilities cause you to burn out? From experience, I can tell you what happens: you start going through the motions, wondering, "Is this all life has to offer?" You get stuck in the pit of discontentment and discouragement all because you've lost your SPARK. It's a lonely, dark place to be torn between apathy and ambition, wanting more but lacking the proper fuel to light up the path ahead of you. Frustrating, right? I can relate. However, I've learned the true meaning of SPARK and how to keep living with an unstoppable fire, and I want to help renew that SPARK within YOU! A spark that frees you from excuses, self-sabotage, destructive thinking, limiting beliefs, and unproductivity. And with a SPARK like that, you can't help but to have an extraordinary life! 

However, you can only live a life of unstoppable fire by living a life of TRUTH. I want to help you Live In Truth (LIT). 


That day starts now.

It's time to Get LIT and Stay LIT

Start by joining the Fire Tribe & sparking a connection with me! 

With Fiery Love, 

YOUR Fire Starter 

about ericka

Motivational speaker

A dynamic speaker that captivates and provokes change in the listener. She motivates women to live their best life on FIRE!

published author

In her most recent book, Ericka shares a message of hope and freedom, encouraging individuals to release the emotional baggage that weighs them down so that they may live a happy, free, and fulfilled life!

Life Performance


Fire Starter sessions tap into the mind and heart of clients to help uncover their potential, dreams and accomplish them all! It's time to beat burnout and live on fire--once and for all!

get your fire back

My passion is to ignite women into action who struggle with frequent burnout, personally or professionally. I act as a catalyst to change their mindset and help them to live in truth to God's Word, which helps increase performance and productivity. If you are unfulfilled, uninspired or just frustrated with life, contact me today so you can get your fire back! 


See what some of my clients have to say!

"Ericka has inspired me into action! I've missed so many opportunities and wasted so much time thinking I wasn't good enough to go after my dreams but she helped me change my perspective and how I demonstrate self-love through pursuing my dreams! I can not thank her enough for helping me uncover my passion and living life fully without fear!”

B. Lamb

“What I love about Ericka is she will not let me throw myself a pity party. She focuses on solutions and encourages me to be more focused on finding answers than being stuck in the center of a problem. All problems have answers and most of the time, I am the answer to the problem! I'm embracing a new mindset and developing realistic goals and expectations."

R. Sylvester

“There are so many reasons why I am grateful for having Ericka as my Fire Starter! She motivates me in so many ways, from personal to professional. I feel like I can do anything and she helps me KNOW this to be true! I will continue to break glass ceilings in my mind and in the workplace because I've discovered my fire!”

J. Jones




Dallas, TX, USA

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