Thanks for stopping by! I created this space for women who want to fulfill the purpose and calling over their lives but are stuck due to fear, apathy, identity crisis, bad habits, and so forth. If you are tired of going through the motions, uninspired and struggle with burn out, then you are in the right place. As a woman, I understand the many hats we wear, but what happens when those responsibilities cause you to feel extremely overwhelmed? From experience, I can tell you what happens: you neglect the dreams God has placed inside of you, and start going through the motions, underproducing, wondering, "Is this dream even worth it?" or much worse, "Is this all life has to offer?" You get stuck in the pit of discontentment and discouragement, all because you've lost your SPARK. The fire is gone. It's a lonely, dark place to be torn between apathy and ambition, wanting more but lacking the proper fuel to light up the path ahead of you. Frustrating, right? I can relate. However, I've learned the true meaning of SPARK and how to sustain the fire, and I want to help reignite that SPARK within YOU! A SPARK that will reignite you back to your faith, identity and purpose!
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A loss of momentum does not mean a loss of purpose.

Ericka Ellis



Helping women stay connected to their purpose through practical and Biblical strategies to see real progress in their lives.


Are you ready to get your fire back and KEEP IT? Have you noticed a slump in your productivity, a loss of confidence or a lack of courage? This community was created for women like you and me who desire more but seem to produce little to nothing. If you decide to stick around, you can expect to see content that focuses on these three areas: FAITH, IDENTITY, & PURPOSE to keep your flame ablaze! Subscribe so you can get resources sent straight to your inbox to keep you moving forward in your goals and purpose!



A message of hope & freedom

If you are carrying around emotional baggage of any kind, from abandonment and rejection issues, guilt and shame, heartbreak and disappointment or wounds from childhood trauma--this book will encourage your faith, inspire hope and assist in the healing you need. You are called to walk in freedom and you deserve to start that process today. Get your signed copy now!



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Ericka Ellis is what happens when a love for God and His people collide. She uses her failures, setbacks and tumultuous story of pain to inspire hope, freedom and transformation in her peers and today's youth. Get to know Ericka and why she's making an impact all over the world! If you want to grow with another sister in Christ, SPARK a connection today!




B. Lamb

"Ericka has inspired me into action! I've missed so many opportunities and wasted so much time thinking I wasn't good enough to go after my dreams but she helped me change my perspective and how I demonstrate self-love through pursuing my dreams! I can not thank her enough for helping me uncover my passion and living life fully without fear!”




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