Hey girlfriend! Let me tell you, I was once the woman who I currently lead and coach. Don't let that photo fool you. Fear ruled me. I was deeply insecure. I ran from my purpose because I wasn't sure if I was capable. I was afraid of people's judgements. I thought I would fail. I felt like a fraud. I reminded myself constantly of what I couldn't do because I was "inexperienced, unqualified, or inadequate." I assumed I was nothing but 'damaged goods.' Being a product of a mother with a severe crack addiction and mental illness and an absent father created my problem with self-limiting beliefs. Not to mention my own destruction. College dropout. Divorced. Depression. Domestic violence. Childhood trauma. Foster care. The list goes on. For years, I allowed those experiences to define me instead of just letting it be what it truly was: disappointing events in my life. I measured my self-worth by my mistakes. I stifled my growth with my self-doubt. I ignored my potential due to low self-esteem. 

I was full of excuses as I ran from my calling but my excuses never excused me from doing what God called me to do. In fact, the more I ran, the more discontented I felt within myself and in my life. At some point, enough was enough, and I was determined to do more and be more. Now, I am a Graduate of Purdue University, in a healthy and healthy marriage of 14 years and counting, with a thriving coaching practice. I literally turned my pain into my purpose. But, that came with doing the hard, inner work. 

What makes me qualified to coach you? Because I've experienced every low you can imagine and overcame them all. I will empower you to see your situation, past pain, disappointment or current circumstances as an opportunity to believe for greater! It all starts in the mind. Your mind is unbelievably powerful and will determine the course of your life--however beautiful or tragic as you anticipate. 

Maybe you are where I once was: insecure, fearful, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled. If you're stuck in a mental dead-end, believing life has nothing more to offer than heartbreak and headaches, then you are in the right place. You can't go another day allowing your dreams to fade, confidence to vanish and hope to completely dissolved. This isn't a sign, this is confirmation. Connect with me so we can do some HEART work so you can get to work! 



Helping women boldly walk in their identity to accomplish their goals and walk in purpose! 

Hey girl! This community was created for everyday women, like you and me, who aspire to grow and live the life God has called them to live. We will overcome insecurities, fear, self-doubt, shame, and anything else holding us back on our journey. If you want to be apart of a community of authentic, vulnerable, divinely wise women, then The Fire Tribe Community is for you!  We have bi-weekly virtual Bible Studies, a private FB group and a lot more resources for you to feel connected as you continue to grow in your spiritual walk. I'd love to connect with you! Simply subscribe and I'll greet you within minutes :) 



A message of hope & freedom

If you are carrying around emotional baggage of any kind, from abandonment and rejection issues, guilt and shame, heartbreak and disappointment or wounds from childhood trauma--this book will encourage your faith, inspire hope and assist in the healing you need. You are called to walk in freedom and you deserve to start that process today. Get your signed copy now!



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Ericka Ellis is what happens when a love for God and His people collide. She uses her failures, setbacks and tumultuous story of pain to inspire hope, freedom and transformation in her peers and today's youth. Get to know Ericka and why she's making an impact all over the world! If you want to grow with another sister in Christ, SPARK a connection today!




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B. Lamb

"Ericka has inspired me into action! I've missed so many opportunities and wasted so much time thinking I wasn't good enough to go after my dreams but she helped me change my perspective and how I demonstrate self-love through pursuing my dreams! I can not thank her enough for helping me uncover my passion and living life fully without fear!”




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