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The Tension of Being a Christian

UNPOPULAR OPINION: You can’t love God and act like the world. My toxic trait is wanting to walk in God’s anointing but act worldly too. I wanna quote all the Bible scriptures AND rap all of the lyrics to Megan Thee Stallion. (I know all of them too). I wanna shine for God but be LIT like the world. It’s a place of tension because I (personally) can’t do both. The more I indulge in one—the less I desire the other. Indulging means allowing yourself the pleasures of things that typically aren’t “good” for you while leaving little to no room for the things that ARE good for you. I know which satisfies my soul and which rattles it. When I lack peace, patience or become reactive—I know they’re the side effects of indulging to satisfy my flesh. Staying close to God is the only anecdote yet I sometimes allow my carnal appetite to dictate my consumption. When I’m reaching out more for the world, it’s because I’ve loosened my grip of Him. If you’re struggling with wandering and you KNOW God has called you to give some things up—then this is for you. He wants to take you HIGHER but first you must go DEEPER. You have to resist, refuse and remove those things that continue to trip you up. Your intentionality will loosen that tension, provide clarity, open doors, and create an intimacy with God you’ve truly been craving. Listen, there’s NO CONDEMNATION. He knew you would wander—He doesn’t call us His sheep for nothing. We have no sense of direction, defenseless, and are easily distracted. I pray you tap into the voice of the Shepherd and turn from the chatter of the world. You accomplish more when you mute one and lean into the other. It’s time to get back into the fold. You’re better there.

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